Every membership impose some rights and obligations. Follow our rules and obligations so we all enjoy the game. 


Extracts from our Statute

  • Full time members are members are applying for membership by filling club’s official application form. 
  • Approved applicants will be registered as club members.
  • In accordance to the law club is obligated to maintain a list of its members. 
  • Every member of the club is free to cancel his/her membership.
  • Membership expulsion is happening in cases of violations of Statute provisions or any other club rules, or if member is acting  against goals and interests of the club. 

Club membership cease: 

  • On own request, by signing statement on membership cancellation
  • By expulsion in case of acting against club goals and/or Statute provisions
  • By the death of the member
  • By non-payment of the membership fee

Membership fee

  • Member of Badminton Club Sarajevo is obligated to pay monthly membership fee in the amount set by Club.
  • Payment of monthly membership fee should be done in first 10 days of the ongoing month. 
  • Monthly membership fee is equal for all Club members. Club has the right to set the amount of membership fee for individuals on different rates than regular membership fee.
  • Club has a right to change the amount of membership fee and should inform members on this decision in written.
  • There is no option to reduce monthly membership fee in case member do not attend all terms during the month. 
  • It is possible to pay per term use.
  • Membership fee payment does not mean court reservation. 
  • It is possible to make court reservation by paying for such service. 
  • Club can charge coach services if those are prearranged and not in regular terms. 
  • Membership fee can be paid in cash or on Club bank account. 
  • Club is maintaining actual price list on its website. 

Monthly membership price list and payment conditions are given below: 

  • Monthly membership fee should be paid in first 10 days of ongoing month. 
  • Monthly membership fee is 50 KM for adults for three terms weekly.
  • Monthly membership fee is 30 KM for youth (under 18 years of age). 
  • There is no option to reduce monthly membership fee in case member do not attend all terms during the month.
  • Membership payment does not mean court reservation. Still, if someone would like to make reservation of the court he/she would be charged 30 KM per a term.
  • If you would like to use services of licensed coaches you should make an payment arrangement with the Club.
  • Monthly membership fee can be paid on Club’s bank account 1610000242340058 or by using Fitpass.

Club Partners

We thank everyone who recognized the value of our idea and who support our work and we invite you to become our partner


Address: Husrefa Redžića 8
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

ID number: 4202795590001
Account: 1610000242340058


“We don’t stop playing sports because we get older, it’s actually the other way around”

where we play

Hotel Hills
Butmirska cesta 18, Ilidza

                Faculty of Sport                Patriotske lige 41


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