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Badminton is an Olympic sport and second most popular recreational sport in the world.  
Badminton Club Sarajevo is a club where you choose pace of your development. 


Badminton Club Sarajevo

About Badminton   

Badminton is fastest racquet sport and second most popular recreational sport in the world. It is played by cca 220 millions players in the world.   
Badminton is an Olympic sport played with racquet where two individuals or two pairs are playing against each other.PLayers are positioned on their side of the net, hitting the shuttlecock trying to hit opponent’s side of the court or opponent player. 
Badminton is played in singles and doubles in man, woman or mix categories.  

Badminton Club Sarajevo is promoting badminton as an Olympic sport. It is primarily a project aimed at the promotion of the importance to exercise in order to keep your body active.   

For “SABAD” primary target group are individuals that are not active in sport.
Through the project of recreational badminton we are trying to make badminton available for all residents in Sarajevo. 
What is different to other clubs is socialisation of the members, active  friendship after trainings, promotion of family activities, involvement of women and girls in sport, and affirmation of (almost lost) amateurism. 
Our coaches will teach you basics of badminton, respecting your wish for level of knowledge. You are to decide if you would like to do it only as recreation, to compete or just throw shuttles over the net for fun.  
Our licensed coaches are training kids following worldwide recognised training program Shuttle Time. 
We are organising competitions for parents and kids and local SABAD league.  
SABAD is an proud member of ADA league and promoter of one tournament annually.  

Club Partners

We thank everyone who recognized the value of our idea and who support our work and we invite you to become our partner


Address: Husrefa Redžića 8
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

ID number: 4202795590001
Account: 1610000242340058

e-mail: info@badminton.ba

“We don’t stop playing sports because we get older, it’s actually the other way around”

where we play

Hotel Hills
Address: Butmirska cesta 18, Ilidza

                         Faculty of Sport                                Address: Patriotske Lige 41


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