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Members of Badminton Club Sarajevo are participating in regional ADA League (Alps-Danube-Adria) that is taking part in following cities:  Opatija, Varazdin, Brezice, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade and Sarajevo. More on ADA League on



ADA Badminton League is a recreational league organised in the Alps-Danube-Adria area (ADA) 

ADA league is organised in following cities: Opatija (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Varazdin (Croatia), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Zagreb (Croatia) and Brezice (Slovenia). 
League is gathering badminton players from Slovenia, Croatia,  Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but players from other countries are also welcome.  
Competitions are organised in 4 levels (A-former professionals and better recreational players, B-advanced recreational players, C-recreational players and D-beginners) in singles and doubles for man, women and mix.   
Last competition of ADA league in Sarajevo was held on 4th of December 2021.
Promotional Video is available here – NOVO SARAJEVO OPEN 2021. 
Promotional videos from our previously organised competitions are available on the following links:  SARAJEVO OPEN 2020
For more details on ADA league please visit ADA Badminton League Website





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