Badminton good manners is a set of rules on and around the court. You should know those rules and behave in accordance with them. Rules are here so we enjoy the game even more.



You should know good manners to respect game rules and your opponent:

  1. If all the courts are taken approach the players on the court you would like to play on (between two points) and register for the next match.
  2. Mind the skills of the players on the court and register on the court that is most adequate to your skills.
  3. If you are playing and you have registered player(s) on your court you must  give way to new player(s) if you have played two matches in the row or lost your match.
  4. It is not allowed to register for the next match if your match still last.
  5. While it is usual that winner stay on the court and new player replace the one that did not win, winner should still consider leaving court if played two matches in the row. 
  6. Do not walk near the court during a match.
  7. After every match approach the net and salute other player(s)
  8. Do not speak or give and advices during the match
  9. Respect your opponent and never underestimate him/her
  10. Once you hit the net pass the shuttle to your opponent
  11. Swearing and shouting is not allowed
  12. Throwing racket is not appropriate so don’t do it

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