Badminton Club Sarajevo

Welcome to “SABAD”, a project aimed at the promotion
of the importance of exercise to maintain the vitality of the body.



Badminton is an olympic sport and one of the most popular recreational sports in the world. No matter if you would like to compete or do it as recreation we are here for you.


Badminton good manners is set of rules on behaving on the court. It applies to any badminton court worldwide. You should know those rules and behave accordingly. 


Welcome to “Badminton Club Sarajevo”. Contact us if you would like to become our supporter, sponsor or just follower. Check our FB, Instagram and Youtube channel. 


Club Partners

We thank everyone who recognized the value of our idea and who support our work. We invite you to become our partner


Address: Husrefa Redžića 8
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

ID number: 4202795590001
Account: 1610000242340058


“We don’t stop playing sports because we get older, it’s actually the other way around”

where TO play

Hotel Hills
Address: Butmirska cesta 18, Ilidza

                         Faculty of Sport                     Address: Patriotske Lige 41

when to play

Please visit LOCATION & CONTACT for more details